Ageing Unit

2nd Floor, #10 Montessori Drive, Glen Road, Tobago (COMDEV Building)
Phone: 639-3395 Exts: 7713-7714

The Ageing Unit was established to develop and implement initiatives, programmes and projects such as the Golden Apple Partnership Programme, to continually meet the social needs of the elderly in Tobago. Various social needs are met through the daily activities conducted at the senior citizen activity centres throughout the Island.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Programme

2nd Floor, #10 Montessori Drive, Glen Road, Tobago (COMDEV Building)
Phone: 639-3395 Exts: 7706-7708

The Alcohol and Drug Prevention Programme (ADAPP) continues to provide support services for drug intervention and prevention, to promote the building of healthy homes, healthy communities and a healthier Tobago. It is therefore mandated to deliver substance abuse prevention awareness at schools and at the community level with a focus on education and training.

Adoption Services

Children's Authority

#35A Wrightson Road

Port of Spain


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Children and Family Services Unit

2nd Floor, #10 Montessori Drive, Glen Road, Tobago (COMDEV Building)
Phone: 639-3395 Exts: 7709-7712

The Children and Family Services Unit was established to promote the economic and social well-being of families, children, individuals and communities. Staffed with a support system of Programme Co-ordinators, Social Workers and Family Case Workers, this Unit provides the population of Tobago with a comprehensive social service at no cost with no discrimination to age, sex, gender, race or religion.

Community Mediation Centre

#16 Bagatelle Trace, Bagatelle Branch Road #1, Calder Hall, Scarborough
Phone: 635-0237/ 660-7709

Community Mediation aims to empower those involved in disputes to craft an agreement themselves so that the solution satisfies them and their community and restores the relationship that previously existed. The parties in a dispute and the community are key stakeholders.

Community Social Services Unit (CSSU)

Lot#2 Glen Road, Scarborough, Tobago
Phone: 639-3395 Exts: 7284-7285

The Community Social Services Unit was established to enhance the quality of life for clients through increased access to an effective social services delivery system. The Unit also endeavours to provide a supportive environment for clients to effectively resolve individual, group and family problems, as well as facilitate the empowerment of its clients for sustained self-sufficiency.

Gender Affairs Unit

2nd Floor, #10 Montessori Drive, Glen Road, Tobago (COMDEV Building)
Phone: 639-3395 Exts: 7735-7736

The Gender Affairs Unit is mandated to implement a comprehensive programme that will effectively address the needs of parties involved in gender based violence and support and participate in the development of a Gender Policy and implement.

Disability Affairs Unit

The Disability Affairs Unit

2nd Floor, #10 Montessori Drive, Glen Road, Tobago (COMDEV Building)
Phone: 639-3395 Exts: 7715-7716

The Disability Affairs Unit has a dynamic role in the advancement of opportunities and the promotion of the rights of persons with disabilities in Tobago. It is responsible for coordinating, developing and implementing comprehensive programmes to assist differently abled citizens and to encourage eventual full inclusion in regular activities.

Technical Vocational Centre (TecVoc)

#4 Simeon Drive, Allfields, Lowlands, Tobago
Phone; 639-2519

The Technological Vocational Centre (TecVoc) falls under the remit of the Disability Affairs Unit of the Division, whose purpose is to provide further educational and skills training to persons with disabilities and empower them to live independent lives so that they can be fully included in society. Some of their programmes include computer studies, remedial work in CXC subjects, mixed craft and woodwork.

General Administration Office and Communications Unit

Division of Health And Social Services
#2 Glen Rd
Scarborough, Tobago
Phone: 868-639-3395 / 639-1252

Litter Eradication Programme

Salandy’s Building, Piggott Street Scarborough Tobago
Phone: 639-1715


Cor. Herman Job Avenue, All Fields, Lowlands, Tobago
Phone: 639-1183

PAM was established to attain sustainable human and social development, provide the necessary support systems for adolescent mothers and prevent increased burdens in areas of medical health and other social service areas.

Probation Hostel

Phone: 631-1810

Probation Unit

Kennedy Building, Main Street, Scarborough, Tobago
Phone: 635-1788

The Probation Services Unit provides a unique level of service to the Magistrate and Supreme Courts in Tobago, as well as the Family Court in Trinidad. Its mandate is to manage applications in criminal and other matters based on the recommendation of the Court system. Magistrates and Judges request Probation Officers' reports in order to assist the Court in making informed decisions on matters before them.

Public Health Services

You can establish contact with the office by:

  • Visiting our main office located at:

    Old Scarborough Health Center
    Corner Young and Robinson Streets
    Uptown, Scarborough

    Phone: 639-1433 / 639-3395 Ext 7616

    The Public Health Services was established to provide a service for the maintenance and enhancement of personal community health, through the application of sound environmental health principles of disease prevention, health promotion and protection.

Visit our district offiices at:

  • Studley Park 660-2388
  • Roxborough  660-4387
  • Moriah 635 0160
  • Port Health Offices at Seaport 639-6819
  • Airport 639-8075

Office of the County Medical Officer of Health (O-CMOH)
Cor. Robinson and Young Street, Scarborough, Tobago.


The Office of the County Medical Officer of Health together with the Public Health Department focusses on the administration of public health activities and the prevention and control of diseases in Tobago. Responsibilities include surveillance, prevention and control of communicable and non-communicabe diseases, disaster management, health promotion and public education, Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI), travel health, environmental health, food safety, vector control and health service standards.


2nd Floor, #10 Montessori Drive, Glen Road, Tobago (COMDEV Building)
Phone: 639-3395 Ext: 7737

The Project for the Realisation of Economic Achievement (REACH) focuses on empowerment and poverty eradication among the poor and vulnerable in communities throughout Tobago, to assist them to gain economic independence and self-sufficiency.

Social Welfare Unit

2nd Floor, #10 Montessori Drive, Glen Road, Tobago (COMDEV Building)
Phone: 639-3395 Ext: 7719-7723

The Social Welfare Department provides a wide range of non-contributory financial assistance, which is geared towards meeting the needs of the elderly, disabled and disadvantaged, to strengthen their economic and social well-being.

Tobago Rehabilitation and Empowerment Centre (TREC)

Fort Street, Fort King George, Scarborough, Tobago
Phone: 639-3395 Ext: 7302-7304

The Tobago Rehabilitation and Empowerment Centre (TREC) has been mandated to design and implement programmes that guard against the dangers of drug use and addiction. It provides for treatment, rehabilitation and empowerment of individuals who recognize that their lives have become unmanageable and unproductive and are seeking to pull themselves together.

Women’s Empowerment and Technological Empowerment Centre (WETEC)

Phone: 639-2075

The Women’s’ Economic and Technological Empowerment Centre (WETEC), is a domestic violence project that was piloted by the need to assist clients during their period of vulnerability, to totally empower them with practical skills, so that they could take control of their lives and achieve the highest level of self-sufficiency and peace, whilst actualizing their goals.